The Program

The Graduate Program in Nutrition (PPGN-UFRJ) was created through an agreement between the Institute of Nutrition of UFRJ and the German agency GTZ in 1985, with the implementation of the Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition. In 2006, a PhD course in Nutritional Sciences was created. Currently, PPGN has concept 6 in CAPES.
The PPGN presents four lines of research focused on the current challenges of knowledge production in the areas of Nutrition Biochemistry, Food Science and Technology, Nutritional Epidemiology and Micronutrients. The faculty of PPGN works in collaborative studies with national and international institutions in multidisciplinary projects. The selection of candidates for master’s and doctoral courses is done by means of an annual public notice.
The PPGN has presented a significant growth in its laboratories in recent years, allowing the realization of innovative and integrated research. All the laboratories are multiuser in nature and aim at inter and intrainstitutional collaborative studies. In general, the laboratories of the INJC are well equipped and satisfactorily attend the teaching, research and extension activities conducted by faculty, technicians and students.


Anna Paola Pierucci

Vice coordinator:

Mariana Costa Monteiro

Deliberative organ:

Research Commission of the Institute of Nutrition – COPPIN
COPPIN is chaired by the PPGN Coordinator and meets monthly, with the calendar of regular meetings (LINK) being published annually.

Full members and alternates of COPPIN:

Eliane Fialho de Oliveira  – Titular representative of the Department of Basic and Experimental Nutrition – DNBE
Adriana Farah de Miranda Pereira  – Alternate Representative DNBE
Maria Beatriz Trindade de Castro  – Representative of the Department of Social and Applied Nutrition – DNSA
Rosana Salles da Costa  – Alternate Representative DNSA
Patricia de Carvalho Padilha  – Representative of the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics – DND
Maria das Graças Tavares do Carmo  – Alternate Representative DND
Wilza Arantes Ferreira Peres  – Coordinator of the Professional Master’s Program in Clinical Nutrition
Eliane Lopes Rosado  – Coordinator of the Professional Master’s Program in Clinical Nutrition
Louise Crovesy de Oliveira  – Student Representative
Camila Didini – Student Representative

Postgraduate Forums:

Every year, the faculty and students meet for joint discussion of issues relevant to the progress and quality of PPGN.

The Brand

If you need to use the PPGN brand in any project or publication, please download here in high resolution.

PPGN Brand High Resolution polychrome in jpg
PPGN Brand High Resolution polychrome in png

When using the mark please pay attention not to deform it, always maintaining its correct proportion.
Do not apply over heavily colored or polluted bottoms, maintaining good visibility.
Do not change its colors or add and/or remove elements.